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Heathrow Animal Reception Centre Date Tracker

The most recent Heathrow Animal Reception Centre (HARC) arrival date approved:

January 4, 2023

**This does NOT guarantee that your pet can arrive on this date!

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a lot of issues with staffing, flight space, and arrival space for pets traveling into London Heathrow (LHR) airport.  The HARC is now limiting the number of pets that they will allow to fly into London Heathrow each day, so pet shippers must request a space for any pets that are traveling.  We will update this page as we receive new updates from the HARC.    

Existing Starwood Client?

Please confirm with the Pet Travel Support Team that all necessary documents are submitted so we can request your pet's HARC and flight space ASAP!

Remember - we can only submit the flight and HARC request after we have received all necessary documents and information from you.  While our Operations team works hard to get the soonest possible dates, we do have to work within the airline booking windows and are subject to both HARC and flight space availability.

Need Pet Transportation Services?

Get the process started ASAP by requesting a quote below!  We'd be happy to help with your pet's upcoming relocation and can provide you with a detailed quote to help make your pet's trip safe and simple!

Please note that our lead time for pets traveling to London is approximately 8+ weeks from signing on and paying the deposit.  This will of course depend on the current availability with the HARC once we have all the information we need from you.

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Please Remember

This date serves as an approximate timeframe and we cannot guarantee a date that your pet will be able to travel.  Starwood does not and cannot control when space will be approved for any
specific reservation, and there are many factors that can affect what date the flight or HARC request is approved for.  This can sometimes result in delays of a few days or even weeks, which
is why the best thing you can do is sign up early, and submit your documents and information to us as soon as possible!

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